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    New to Pura Vida? Find a pass that works for you.
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Sharing a glimpse of my Healing Journey thanks to my morning and night routine.

Having been through a challenging year to say the least, I truly don't know how I would have survived without my morning and night routine. Facing a major health condition, I had to establish a better way of starting off my days and then setting myself up for the best possible sleep through a healing routine. My body needed to restore from the trauma of surgery and then treatments but my mind wouldn't allow much rest as my monkey brain was in full swing. I had to set myself up for succes,so through this 6 week series , I will share the essential ingredients that lead me to recovery. Spoiler alert; gratitude, breathwork restorative yoga, balancing my energy centers and the sweet sound of Tibitan Singing Bowls are all essential ingredients. So take and make time to reconnect and restore as you head in this new season. The season that reminds us to all let got of things that no longer serve us. Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday evening. Namaste, Chantel

What Client's Say

Melissa King

I’ve always been a sporadic yoga practicer - hardly the yogi I had pictured in my mind. I never fully committed, even though I knew in my heart of hearts that Yoga was my home; my safest of places. 2019 changed that. I broke. I went through a terrible break up, I lost a lot, I had been diagnosed with 2 auto immune diseases- all inflammation related, and I just broke. My mind, body, and soul were exhausted, stressed and very much out of alignment.

April 2019 I made a commitment to my highest self, the self who is authentically ME to dig deep and make a real change. I walked into Pura Vida with a false sense of self confidence and took a plunge. I still remember that first class, I have goosebumps now writing about it. Laura was the instructor and I was hidden in the back, unsure of anything. Laura walked in and welcomed the class, and I was INSTANTLY at ease. The class was nothing short of phenomenal, and fun fact - I cried in Shavasana because I knew I found home. Happy Tears!

Every class I gained more and more self confidence, my health issues began to disappear, my mind became calmer, my body was LOVING the detox, and so was my heart. I got to know the instructors more and more and loved them uniquely for what they offered to us, their kind souls emanating through each practice with SO MUCH LOVE! You can FEEL the energy in the room when you're on your mat- this yogi community is pure HEART!

I have been to numerous studios around NB, and while each have a very special vibe - Pura Vida is exactly that - PURE LIFE.