New to Yoga? New to Hot Yoga? Wonderful!! We are looking forward to having you in for your first class! Pura Vida Yoga welcomes beginners. Come try us out for a class by taking of our introductory offer, 1 week for $30(+HST(so that you can try as many different classes during your respective pass. This will allow you to see if Yoga makes sense for you and your busy schedule! We have two studios offering heated and non-heated classes. Click here to view our schedule.

What to bring
  • You will need a Yoga mat and Yoga towel to cover your mat, we do not currently rent either of these out due to COVID-19. 
  • We do NOT sell plastic water bottles, so please bring one from home (try to avoid glass as it shatters if broken). We also sell reusable S'well water bottles that will last longer!
  • Something to sweat in! Wear something comfortable and breathable. We recommend shorts and a tank top. 
As a continued reminder of our new “reality” with the COVID protocol, we really appreciate your cooperation and understanding of the following guidelines;

1. Studio doors will only be open 20 minute before classes and will close 20 minutes after classes as we’ve had to modify cleaning procedures. This time limit also allows us to ensure that all cleaning procedures have been respected, and the class before has had time to leave.
2. When leaving the yoga studio after your class, please allow clients closets to the doors to exit first to help us keep the minimum 2 meter distancing requirement.
3. There is a NEW 6 hour time limit to sign out on the Schedulehouse App, that will go into effect as of September 1st.
4. The No-Show fee ($15 plus taxes) will remain as we’ve been running our business with a very limited revenue since class attendance has been cut in half due to COVID Protocol and are still recuperating from the losses incurred by the closure.
5. Wear a mask if you choose! 

We recommend that you avoid eating a large meal right before class, Yoga is meant to be done on an empty stomach. Caffine is dehydrating and best avoided before class. Water is best for your system, hydrate before class that way you won't feel the need to drink so much during class!

What Client's Say

Carine Luys

Quand j’arrive en haut de l’escalier, peu importe à la vitesse où j’arrive, dès que je passe la porte et pénètre dans l’espace Pura Vida, je reviens à mon essence, je ne suis plus la mère, l’amoureuse, la collègue, l’employée de personne, je suis moi pour moi. Et une fois dans le studio, dans la chaleur et l’obscurité du climat bienveillant, mon esprit n’est habité que par la voix enveloppante de l’une ou l’autre des instructrices, je ne pense plus à rien, soulagement et libération du corps et de l’âme. Puis je redescend l’escalier lentement, légère, pour réintégrer doucement ma vie.

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We offer a diverse schedule of both heated and non-heated classes. 


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Karma Classes

Karma funds from our BIG Outdoor classes are going to local causes!  More info >