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I was first introduced to Hot Yoga by a dear friend that had seen me struggle with work/life balance over the years. In my first class I felt completely disconnected in so many ways. There were several moments where I thought of giving up, but by the time the class was over with...I got it! I felt something I had never felt before, pure energy. I’d heard of the “Runners High” and could never understand but now I did and I was hooked. My Yoga practice has brought so much to my life and I love sharing this with others. Having been a school teacher as a young adult, I am so excited to be teaching and sharing my passion.  

I have taken several intensive teacher trainings in 2013, one being a 200-hour Training in Thailand through Absolute Hot Yoga Academy, and the second a Power Flow training in Arizona with Barron Baptiste. I then added Childplay Yoga  Programm in 2014, a Yin training in 2015 in Costa Rica  and then a Restorative Training in 2017 right here in at Pura Vida! Being a student for life helps me keep learning so many aspects of this amazing practice. 

Yoga has enriched my life in so many ways, bringing me new friendships and unforgettable experiences!  Creating this community within our studio has and will always be the most enriching experience of all! Through my practice, my trainings and now my teaching, I am amazed at the quality of friendships I now have that continue to grow.

I've always loved to share my passion with as many people that I can reach. I hope to have introduce yoga to as many kids as possible as well through my kids yoga classes, Yoga for young athletes and to offer workshops to school teachers to help them intigrate a few poses in their classrooms.  Felling truly blessed to be able to inctroduce something new and yet something so rich in tradition to all!  Through practicing Yoga, I have learned to tap into something so basic … being present and taking a moment to just breathe!

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Guylaine Roy

Pura Vida is my happy place!! I've met so many great people at the studio which many have become good friends. The teachers are always attentive and offer tips on modifications of postures to help develop your practice. This studio is by far the space I enjoy to go to when I need to reconnect with myself, mind, body and soul. They offer a wide variety of heated and non-heated classes that are open to all levels of practice. Pura Vida represents everything that the essence of yoga is about.

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