con weekend 008 2 What is yoga? The answer to this question is commonly associated with the physical practice of postures that many of us see in pop culture as developing greater flexibility and strength. While this is true, yoga is something that is much more than this, because yoga in its essence means, "to yoke" or union. Union with what? This is something that I hesitate to answer, because the answer to this can only be experienced, never understood. But rest assured, this is a natural state; in fact, all of us have had a glimpse of yoga if not as a child, then maybe doing something you really love, or being with someone you really love.
I've come to understand my practice as typically being quite physical. Sometimes it's when I'm running between trees in the rain, other times it's on my bike, or at the beach. Then, of course, sometimes it's on my mat too. Yoga for me is a daily practice that keeps me in sync with universal laws and tuned into the Great frequency. It keeps me healthy in mind, in body, and opens the channels of creativity and insight to flow through me into the world and onto all those I surround myself with.
The truth (and long story short) is that yoga was with me before I practiced asanas (postures). I had moments of insight, calm, and intuition after a run, or while strength training. But ultimately, I had realized that for total lifetime health, one must emphasize joint flexibility and strength, balance, meditation, as well as our responsibility to our actions, thoughts, and beliefs. So it is easy to see why having understood this (maybe not in this way at the time), I was naturally drawn to yoga, as it balanced my sometimes "yang" approach to life. Having been at Pura Vida Yoga Dieppe now since its inception in 2013, I have incorporated yin, as well as a variety of other styles into my practice that continue to uncover greater depths, for which I am deeply grateful.
Since completing my RYT-200 teacher training at One Yoga in Vancouver and Whistler with Ryan Leier, I have been teaching classes that could be described as a fusion of Ashtanga and Vinyasa, given the emphasis on an 8-fold form of practice, as well as breath with movement and intention. My goal in classes is to invite participants to discover their own expressions of the postures, building from the core and moving outward, thereby showing them the immense power that is already within, and their ability to effect without. Feel your intention, now let's get ready... we have work to do!

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I started going to Pura Vida when I was experiencing anxiety from stress and having regular panic attacks. Having taken medication for anxiety in the past I wanted to explore other methods before having to take medication again. I had taken yoga classes at a local gym in the past and decided to give it another try. Since joining I've been attending classes regularly, I fell In love with hot yoga! my panic attacks and anxiety have subsided and when I have a stressful day at work I make it a point to attend a class, when I wake up feeling anxious I make it a priority to go in for a class and take care of myself. I love the sense of community at Pura Vida! Thank you so much to all the amazing teachers who are there for us every day guiding us through our practice as we all deal with our own struggles, such a therapeutic environment.

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