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I am a nature lover, adventure seeker and creative mastermind, my journey in yoga has been a wild ride and I intend to keep it that way.

I moved to the BC Rockies in 2009 to live at an Ashram and complete an intensive 3 month Hatha Teacher training certification.
I had no idea going in to this experience how much it would change my life, my direction, my thoughts, my attention. I shaved my head and got a job as coordinator to a yoga for youth not for profit in Ottawa where I lived for 2 years.
Since then I have dedicated my life teaching yoga and mindfulness to an extensive population. From toddlers, to seniors, in family shelters, community centres, high schools and hot yoga studios. My passion is to make these ancient teachings as accessible and relevant in our daily lives as possible.

In addition to a deep well of teaching experiences I bring a background in personal training, mindfulness yoga and vinyasa power flow into my classes.

I offer a practice to shine a light onto physical alignment while keeping balanced a sense of play and curiosity; investigating what is happening within the mind and using postures as the tools to continuously recreate oneself.

What Client's Say

Nathalie Perron

Yoga makes me feel calm and grounded! The environment at Pura Vida Studio is beautiful and full of amazing energy; thank you to the staff for making each yoga practice a unique experience!

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