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"I create to see beauty in all things and add value to all beings."

My exploration for trying new things, not to mention tight muscles from weight training and long distance running, is what first led me to yoga. After my first few classes I realized there was so much more to yoga than "stretching" as I had first believed it to be. I was curious to see what more I could learn and fascinated by the changes i saw in my body. I love that yoga is a form of physical expression that is always relevant.

Yoga is a thread that connects body, breath and movement. For me, there are parallels in what we are working on in the present moment both on our mat and in our everyday life. Being conscious of both ease and struggles on our mat can bring awareness to what may need attention in our everyday experiences. Yoga practice also connects us to each other through common experience and this interconnectedness can change how we relate to the world.

I have always loved human emotion and interaction. It has been a constant source of inspiration for my artwork and is now a source of inspiration in my teaching and learning as I progress as a teacher and practitioner of yoga. I am grateful to pursue my passions of creating and connection.

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I started going to Pura Vida when I was experiencing anxiety from stress and having regular panic attacks. Having taken medication for anxiety in the past I wanted to explore other methods before having to take medication again. I had taken yoga classes at a local gym in the past and decided to give it another try. Since joining I've been attending classes regularly, I fell In love with hot yoga! my panic attacks and anxiety have subsided and when I have a stressful day at work I make it a point to attend a class, when I wake up feeling anxious I make it a priority to go in for a class and take care of myself. I love the sense of community at Pura Vida! Thank you so much to all the amazing teachers who are there for us every day guiding us through our practice as we all deal with our own struggles, such a therapeutic environment.

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