Nous venons de compléter notre premier atelier de 20 heures offert aux enseignantes et nous sommes ravis des partages. et expériences vécus ensemble. Venez vivre 3 jours chez nous afin d'approfondir la philosophie, l'histoire et les bienfaits du yoga .C'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron. Cet atelier est parfait pour tous les niveaux d'enseignements et même pour toutes les matières puisque les outils de respiration, de pleine -conscience et le mouvement physique du yoga, portera fruit dans vos salles de classes. Prochain atelier est le 26, 27 et le 28 juillet 2021. Seulement 3 espaces de libres déjà!

We are excited to be offering this full day - Immerse Yourself In The Practice of Yoga at the studio on July Thursday, 15th from 9am - 4:30pm.

Have you ever wanted to know more about the practice of yoga? Do you have questions? Are you curious about what a day of YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) looks like? For many the goal is not to teach and that is okay!

Here is what our day will look like. We have space for 10 people based on our current COVID restrictions.

9am 10:30am - 90 min sweat session. (showers will be open after class to freshen up for the rest of the day)

11am-12:30pm - Embraching yogic philosophies. They are the most concrete places to start, as they relate directly to how you behave outwardly in the world and inwardly toward yourself.

12:30 - 1pm short break for lunch.

1pm - 2pm - Re- CONNECT!

2pm -3pm - Open time for questions and more - go with the flow!

3pm - 4:30pm - Closing practice and centering meditation.

You will leave this day feeling rested, rejuvenated and awakened!

open body - open mind - open heart

There are only 4 spaces left.... sign up here!

**please email us with any questions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Our first Yoga + Spa Retreat at the beautiful Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrews was a magical experience.  Thank you to all of the women who came and shared this experience. What a very special time we had! 
Our desire is to share the dates very soon for our next planned retreat at this incredible location that is rich in history, beauty and hospitality! 

Here is what one of our guests had to say...

Group size was perfect, it felt like a group of friends. The energy was awesome, it felt like we all knew each other, it was cozy and intimate. And really none judgmental at all!!!!! I really appreciated that you guys mentioned that this was our time if we did want to have a drink of five that was fine. I felt you guys were genuine about making this our time.
Really enjoyed the 3 classes on Monday, at first I thought it might be a lot but it was very well balanced and we had lots of free time in between. Really enjoyed the different classes too, vin and yin, and go with the flow and again yin at night. We slept like baby’s Saturday night!
Algonquin resort is truly a gem of a place. Food is excellent, outside seating is great, can’t ask for better really.
The only thing to improve would be to add another day with 2 or 3 more classes. 🙊

Can’t wait for the next one!

Thanks again!


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​Calling all teachers!

We want to empower you with a new skill set that you can integrate into your classroom throughout the school day. Learn how to guide a few short sequences of breath and movement to your students to help with anxious and overactive behaviours...or kids just being kids! Discover the benefits of a regular routine (yoga practice) that can shift the mood and benefit the whole classroom. Our desire is to spark a new light in you, that you can then share with your students... experiencing the true ripple effect of yoga! The magical combination of breath and movement allows us to open up to see and feel a fresh perspective all around, you will leave this training feeling confident to give your students the gift of yoga.

2 weekends (20hrs) May 29th & 30th / June 5th & 6th (11am-4pm)

For more information and sign HERE 

We certainly hope that we can get our mats a little bit closer together someday soon. In the meantime we need to share the LOVE!

What is Pura Vida doing to make sure people are getting into classes?

1. Watching the class lists, and calling people if there is a spot.
2. We are now in yellow and we can bubble up to two spots.
3. We have added a few more classes and hope to add a few more by the end of March!

What can you do?

1. If you are on 2 waitlists and you get into a class, you need to remove yourself off of the other list, otherwise you are one of the 2 hr hangups, and you have no plan on attending class, so you probably are not checking your email.
2. Please take yourself out of class if there is even a small chance that you might sign out or miss class. This will give someone else a chance to confirm a spot.
3. We know this is a BIG ask, but if you are taking 4 or more classes a week, maybe you can offer your spot if there is a waitlist for one of the classes!

All of this should help to make openings and allow for a better flow!

We are now carrying pyrrha in our boutique. With our first order we have chosen 5 different talisman necklaces to display and sell.  We hope to make a custom order sometime this spring as these beautiful connection pieces are discovered. This company has a beautiful mission statement that we feel aligns so well with our studio...

OUR MISSION - pyrrha

It's our mission to make meaningful and sustainable jewelry that fosters connection through personal storytelling.


We create jewelry that has personal significance to the wearer. People connect with symbols and their meanings, and the individual way they resonate with their personality, ambitions, struggles or source of joy. Our intention with our talismans is to offer inspiration, connection, or simply a bit of comfort. 

You can also read up here on how pyrrha is a Certified B Corporation, and what makes them a sustainable jewlery brand! ... we think this is pretty cool!

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This week we have returned to orange phase which allows us to be open under strict measures. Masks must be worn at all times in the building, as well as during practise. We have lowered the heat for our hot classes and we are not renting towels and mats at this time. Our doors open 20 minutes before class time, and our bathrooms/changerooms are open to use, with showers only open for our noon class. If you have any 1 of the COVID syptoms, you must stay home and get tested before you return. This is to ensure of no spread in our space.
If you are purchasing an unlimited pass at this time, we are asking that our 1 class a day rule be respected while we are in orange phase. We have 10 and 20 class passes if you don't feel the value in your unlimited pass. Thank you for your understanding during this time. We appreciate all of you.

During the last couple of months, we've all been living day by day and maybe not allowing ourselves to believe that things will get back to "normal". I was in a slump and dwelling on adventures missed.. so I decided to create a Vision Board of things I wish to see more in my life now and maybe start dreaming up of new adventures ahead. Going over multiple old Travel or Wellness Magazines and cutting out images or words that spoke to me was so much fun. I felt alive, hopefull and like a kid at Christmas putting together my Wish list. It was fun and  exciting. I encourage you all to start dreaming up new adventures and getting clearer on what you want more of in your life.  It  truly shifted my energy and still brightens  my mood just by looking at it.

Ces derniers mois nous ont tous présenté des défis sur bien des niveaux. J'étais en grand besoin de me remonter le moral et de croire au meilleurs jours qui vont  revenir.... éventuellement. Donc quand j'ai été proposé de retravailler mon tableau de visualitation, j'ai vite accepté la tâchei. Les heures de plaisirs que j'ai ressentit tout au long de ce montage en a vallu bien la peine. J'ai eu la chance de feuilleter au travers de belles revues de voyage ainsi que  plusieurs revues de bien-être.  En plus de belles images ceux-ci  m'offraient des images, des mots clefs et sensations que je désire retrouver davantage dans ma vie. Ces heures m'ont rappelé de beaux moments vécus commen enfant qui travaillait les liste de jouets voulus pendant les fêtes et anniversaires. Je vous encourage fortement de vous amusez avec ce petit projet qui vous donnera d'lespoir et une  joie de vivre!

Chantel xxx
As we are all living some degree of stress from so many different aspects in our lives, we need to make sure we take care of ourselves through it all. Restorative yoga is a variety of passive poses supported by pillows, blankets and block that allow our bodies to relax and restore. Join us in these special 2 hour classes of Restorative Yoga throughout the following weeks.  During these periods of deep relaxation, you will be healed and nurtured from within. Space is limited to 8 per class and all props will be made available knowing that they have been sanitized. You can certainly bring your own props as well.

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What Client's Say

Guylaine Roy

Pura Vida is my happy place!! I've met so many great people at the studio which many have become good friends. The teachers are always attentive and offer tips on modifications of postures to help develop your practice. This studio is by far the space I enjoy to go to when I need to reconnect with myself, mind, body and soul. They offer a wide variety of heated and non-heated classes that are open to all levels of practice. Pura Vida represents everything that the essence of yoga is about.