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Join us in a highly-practical, creative and strong 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. In our Fall/Winter 2022 training (September start date), we will work very hard in setting a strong foundation in the initial 3 weekends which will be filled with anatomy, class structure and yoga philosophy. The following weekends will be filled with the learning of postures, deeper sequencing and polishing of cuing. This training demands you practice teach from day one; you will give and receive many classes in this active training. Finding your voice is something we really work on! This will be Pura Vida's 6th year offering the YTT course. This year's training will be led by Kathryn McCracken (500hr E-RYT) with assisting instructors Shannon Potter and Laura Didyk. Amy Murphy (200hr E-RYT) will be leading the anatomy portion of the training.

There will be readings, classes, and assignments.

These are the set weekends. 8am-5pm

Sept 17/18
Oct 1/2
Oct 22/23
Nov 12/13
Nov 26/27
Jan 14/15
Jan 28/29
Feb 18/19

**2 Thursday evenings will be scheduled for a 3hr session (6-9pm) online for Anatomy with Amy in between her 2 Saturday intensives.**

During the above weekends, work alone, in partners and/or small groups and teach community classes at the studio (end of training). We use these experiences and EVERY class experience to discuss the unpredictable circumstances that can arise in “real-life” classes. Learn how to ADAPT. Curb energy, salvage mistakes.

Investment $3,350 plus HST ($500 deposit required to hold your spot which is non refundable) - If the training does not happen for some reason your deposit will be refunded.

You will be required to purchase 3 books for the training.

**You may not miss more than one full weekend for any reason (or 2 consecutive days).**

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to begin your application/registration process!
We just finished our mini yoga retreat this past week in Shediac where  9 Lovely souls got to experience 3 x 90 minute practices throughout the day. They left feeling rested and restored as they truly commited in disconnecting from their daily lives to reconnect their breath and bodies through mouvement and rest. Keep checking our website to see more Yoga Retreats- Workshops- Events. Nous venons de vivre une mini-retraite de yoga à Shediac!  Ce petit groupe a réussi à s'évader tout au long des 3 belles pratiques de yoga afin de se retrouver . Une journée pour soi et de ressourcement intérieur. Veuillez porter attention aux prochaines retraites, ateliers et évenements.

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This training is open to 200 hour certified yoga instructors.  Go deeper into self-awareness and therefore understanding of complex poses.  A two weekend format of full days with a lunch break and two short breaks.  Approximate itinerary:

First Saturday: get your legs underneath you- begin with a led-practice that is lower body heavy with squats, warriors, and standing balance.  Spend the day learning leg anatomy and function, discovering how to integrate lower body strength with upper body strength for an efficient practice.

First Sunday: morning practice with a bit of play; today, dive into the complexities of the shoulders and integrate yesterday’s work.  Focus on wheel pose and headstand.

Second Saturday: more play time!  An arm balance day sprinkled with review.  Discuss thoughtful sequencing and smart prep.  In-class creative time: design a short sequence with peer support.

Second Sunday: Share.  Experience one another’s creative flows and provide feedback; discuss and ask questions.

The cost is $800 plus tax, and we have space for 10 people. 

The scheduled weekends are March 19/20 + April 9/10. We will require a non-refundable deposit of $200 to hold your space. 

We have 2 spaces left!! email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your interest. 


We are open once again! Spread the LOVE this month...

Sign out of class in advance if you think you might not be able to make it.
Limit yourself to 1 class per day. We are doing our very best to get everyone back on their mats! 
Wear your mask to your mat.
We will add classes where we can if we see crazy waitlists! 

Thank you so very much for being a part of our community!




Yes we have to close in level 3. A sad reality of where we are. I think we can all feel there is work to be done as citizens of this province and country. Closing businesses should not be the answer. We are in the business of health and wellness and therefor essential.
Please kindly give us a few days to get sorted out with this situation. We will be in touch through email to our members. By Monday our online site will have new classes for you to enjoy at home! Passes will be adjusted when we know when we can reopen. Thank you all for your support! We appreciate you all.

Please read carefully as we wish to maintain a safe and comfortable environment.

Please sanitize your hands upon arrival.

Your mask must be worn to your mat. You may remove your mask once you have set up your mat. You are welcome to wear your mask during practice if you choose.

Please choose a sticker on the floor and place the top centre of your mat on the sticker. We have recently rearranged both studio spaces. We are at less than half capacity in both studios. 

Stay home if you have any symptoms.

Cher(e) membre,

Un rappel des protocoles de Covid...

Veuillez désinfecter vos mains dès votre arrivée.

Porter votre masque jusqu’à votre tapis de yoga. Vous pouvez garder ou enlever votre masque pendant la session.

Placez votre tapis de yoga à l’arrière du collant sur la plancher et bien centré. Nos deux espaces ont été aménagés en respectant les nouvelles normes de la demie-capacité.
S.-v.-p. rester chez vous si vous avez des symptômes.

Un gros merci de votre attention,

L’équipe de PVY

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December, the perfect time to schedule “slow times”. 

We have all heard it before and sometimes say it ourselves.. “It's the most busy time of the year”. Know that we all have a choice on how we live our days, our seasons, our lives. You can choose to “feel busy” or you can choose to appreciate the quiet times life and this season can offer. Quiet nights listening to beautiful music or nice walks savoring the Holiday lights in your neighborhood offer quiet times for our bodies and minds to relax and restore. We have added a few Yin, Restorative, Sound Healing Workshops to be either enjoyed alone or maybe with a friend or family member. Check out these options to schedule your “slow time”. Follow this link;

Un temps “occupé”? Le choix est le votre..

Tout le monde se dit “occupé” ces temps-ci  mais nous devons réaliser que tout est un choix. Nous devons donc s’assurer d’ajouter des moments et temps de relaxation afin de profiter pleinement du moment présent. C’est pourquoi quelques ateliers de “restorative”, Yin ainsi que du “Sound Healing” ont été ajoutés en décembre. Ne manquez pas votre chance de profiter des ces sessions avec soi-même ou avec un ou une ami(e). Veuillez suivre ce lien;

We are open during these times in our boutique! Purchase gift cards, passes, and other unique gifts we sell. 

Tuesday 10am-2pm
Wednesday 5pm-8pm
Thursday 10am-2pm
Thursday 5pm-7pm
Friday 10am-2pm
Saturday 10am-2pm


January 26th - 28th we are going to be set up at the beautiful Mill River Resort on the Island for our first Nordic Yoga Retreat! The cost is $160 plus tax… you are responsible for calling and booking your room with them. They are offering a lowered rate for us at $169 plus tax when you tell them you are booking with Pura Vida Yoga. We are able to make group reservations in the restaurant or you can make them on your own if you are travelling with someone. You are responsible for your meals.

Here is a sample schedule of the retreat below. You are welcome to book a spa appointment, xcountry ski, snow shoe at your leisure, etc.  They have beautiful grounds that surround the property to enjoy! 🎿 ❄️ 😌

Wednesday evening 8pm - relax and unwind yin and meditation 


7:30am- go with the flow morning yoga

11am- vinyasa & yin

3:30pm - gentle yoga

8pm - restorative yoga

Friday morning 7:30am - rise & shine yoga followed by a centring meditation

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your spot.


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Yoga… beyond the mat… part one / L'ultime bienfait du yoga...

We all know the obvious benefits of yoga; flexibility, stretching, focus on breath, strengthening the body and it’s core ect. but it works at a much deeper level. Above all, Yoga stills the mind so that one can experience life as it is - as reality. Your practice will help remove or cease the fluctuations of the mind. “Stilling the mind to experience the ultimate reality”. This is Patanjali’s definition of yoga. The physical changes that your body will experience are quite impressive and will be felt quite early on your journey through yoga, but it is the long lasting benefits of stilling the mind that reveal the true benefits of yoga.

 Les bienfaits du yoga dépassent grandement le côté physique des postures. Il est évident que votre flexibilité ainsi que votre force physique vont grandement s’améliorer grâce aux postures de yoga. Cependant les”vraies transformations” se vivent pendant ces moments de tranquillité et de prise de conscience entre les postures. Lors de nos transitions, on se doit de revenir au moment présent en établissant une fondation sécuritaire dans toutes postures.  Selon Patanjali voici sa définition du yoga;  Le yoga est l’arrêt des pensées automatiques qui s’obtient dans une pratique intense et régulière dans un esprit de « lâcher prise ».  Donc venez explorer une session avec une intention de “ralentir” vos pensées et de se centrer sur le moment présent.


What Client's Say

Anne-Sophie Chiasson

For someone who has never been much of an active person, I got my proof this morning of how much I now love hot yoga which I started about 6 months ago. Since I didn't get to a class in the last week while Marc was away, I was up and ready for an 1.5 hour class this morning. I got there only to realize I had gotten the time wrong and had missed the class. I felt like crying, truly sad. Very strange feeling for me, as I've never felt this way about any sort of physical activity. Feeling grateful that I've found an activity that nurtures my body and soul. Thank you Pura Vida!!

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We offer a diverse schedule of both heated and non-heated classes. 


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Karma Classes

Karma funds from our BIG Outdoor classes are going to local causes!  More info >