We can learn a lot from nature. It is most striking in the autumn season to see what happens to the trees. Trees in autumn don't hold onto their leaves because they might need them next year. We need to learn to let go of things that are preventing us from moving forward in our journey either on our mat or off our mats. Whether it be a posture that we resist or a challenge that arises in our lives, we need to release some apprehension to make way for opportunities. Getting uncomfortable is the only way for growth. So maybe you try a new class or workshop that is being offered in the next couple of weeks to see how it might contribute in living a more balanced life on and off your mat.
L’automne, la saison parfaite de pratiquer le lâcher prise.
Soyez inspiré du cycle des saisons et surtout de cette merveilleuse saison l’automne. Les feuilles tombent sans trop de résistance, chercher un peu dans vos vies afin de voir si vous pourriez également laisser tomber des éléments de vos vies. En lâchant certains craintes ou émotions vous allez permettre à faire place à du nouveau. Que ce soit des craintes face à certaines postures ou styles de yoga, des émotions ou de réalités lourdes de nos vies, on se doit de pratiquer le lâcher prise afin de continuer notre épanouissement. Après avoir laisser tomber quelques unes de “vos feuilles d’automne”, veuillez consulter les ateliers offerts ou essayer une nouvelle classe afin de faire place au nouveau!

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What Client's Say

Alexandra Ready

Thank you for the wonderful, enlightening workshop on Sunday. The most helpful part of the workshop was the information given on the new routine. I have implemented all aspects (rising with the sun, movement ,tongue scrapping, warm lemon water, largest meal mid day, oil massage, bed by 10pm) into my daily routine since Sunday, and I am already noticing a difference in how well I sleep, feeling more energetic and positive. Positivity is a daily struggle for me, and when I find things that help me move towards my goal of being a more positive happy person, I am over the moon, and I thank you for bringing this into my life! Especially as a mommy to be.

Again, thank you both for such an informative enlightening workshop. I hope you might hold something similar before baby arrives!

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