Join Alisa for 45 MINUTES of VIN with two up-lifting oils. One offered in the beginning of practice (ORANGE) and one offered mid-way through (PEPPERMINT). Followed by 1 HOUR and 15 MINUTES of restorative yoga with two calming oils. One offered in the beginning of our restorative sequence (CHAMOMILE) and one offered in savasana at the very end of class (YLANG YLANG). A few drops of each oil will be offered in the palm of the participants hand. You may choose to skip a sent by turning palms down towards the earth when it is offered.

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What Client's Say

Louise Poirier

I've been practicing yoga on and off for the past 15 years with an amazing instructor who closed shop in December. In January, I was given a one-month membership at PuraVida, and a true gift it has been. I had no expectations at the outset but was very pleasantly surprised to encounter welcoming, warm and very competent and respectful trainers who are both professional and friendly. The essence of the spirit of yoga can be found at this studio. The instructors I have met are encouraging and present challenges while still reminding students to move at one's pace, listening to one's body.

Le personnel du studio Pura Vida m'offre l'occasion de pratiquer le yoga dans une ambiance accueillante et paisible qui me permet d'améliorer ma santé physique ainsi que mon bien-être psychologique, mais ce qui importe le plus pour moi est la tranquillité d'esprit qui me reste en quittant les cours. Un véritable cadeau!
merci particulièrement à Melissa et Chantel:)

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Karma Classes

Karma funds from our BIG Outdoor classes are going to local causes!  More info >