One week ago today we opened back up after being closed for 80 days. Thank you to everyone who has come in to take class, visited our boutique...or just came in to say hello. We missed you all! Our exchangers are doing an amazing job at keeping our space clean, and our teachers are so thrilled to be back in the studio. What an incredible team we have. 

A friendly reminder to please sign yourself out of class if you can't make it, so you give someone else the chance to come.We are also no longer able to lend blocks and props out to our guests, and have recently made another large order to accommodate the demand for purchases. Stay tuned for the arrival.

Pura Vida Yoga continues to be a sanctuary for us all to enjoy... we grow stronger together.


What Client's Say

Caroline Gibbons

Depuis 3 ans, je pratique le hot yoga à une fréquence de trois fois par semaine. J'adore particulièrement la pratique du matin. Elle favorise mon bien-être général, l'harmonie de ma personne et ma flexibilité. Pour deux ans, j'ai eu la chance de bénéficier des classes de Kathryn McCracken et je suis en admiration par l'énergie Zen qu'elle transmet dans son enseignement. Je suis vraiment reconnaissante pour l'ouverture du studio Pura Vida Yoga à Dieppe!

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We offer a diverse schedule of both heated and non-heated classes. 


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Karma Classes

Karma funds from our BIG Outdoor classes are going to local causes!  More info >