There is no question we are collectively feeling the heaviness that has come with our new adjustments in our community and beyond. Here are a few ways that can help to lower feelings of fear and anxiety, and to spread some holiday PEACE and LOVE!

* Look after yourself... move your body everyday. Get your heart rate up, get blood flowing and let go of stress.
* Yoga and Meditation will always steer you in the right direction...inward! Attention to breath and mindful movement has the ability to calm the nervous system and bring feelings of peace into our lives.
* Support your local economy. Shop small and shop local this Christmas!
* Help others in the community who need a hand. Deliver a meal, groceries...call someone who needs to hear a voice.
* LOVE MORE... The world needs more love from us all!


What Client's Say

Anne-Sophie Chiasson

For someone who has never been much of an active person, I got my proof this morning of how much I now love hot yoga which I started about 6 months ago. Since I didn't get to a class in the last week while Marc was away, I was up and ready for an 1.5 hour class this morning. I got there only to realize I had gotten the time wrong and had missed the class. I felt like crying, truly sad. Very strange feeling for me, as I've never felt this way about any sort of physical activity. Feeling grateful that I've found an activity that nurtures my body and soul. Thank you Pura Vida!!