During the last couple of months, we've all been living day by day and maybe not allowing ourselves to believe that things will get back to "normal". I was in a slump and dwelling on adventures missed.. so I decided to create a Vision Board of things I wish to see more in my life now and maybe start dreaming up of new adventures ahead. Going over multiple old Travel or Wellness Magazines and cutting out images or words that spoke to me was so much fun. I felt alive, hopefull and like a kid at Christmas putting together my Wish list. It was fun and  exciting. I encourage you all to start dreaming up new adventures and getting clearer on what you want more of in your life.  It  truly shifted my energy and still brightens  my mood just by looking at it.

Ces derniers mois nous ont tous présenté des défis sur bien des niveaux. J'étais en grand besoin de me remonter le moral et de croire au meilleurs jours qui vont  revenir.... éventuellement. Donc quand j'ai été proposé de retravailler mon tableau de visualitation, j'ai vite accepté la tâchei. Les heures de plaisirs que j'ai ressentit tout au long de ce montage en a vallu bien la peine. J'ai eu la chance de feuilleter au travers de belles revues de voyage ainsi que  plusieurs revues de bien-être.  En plus de belles images ceux-ci  m'offraient des images, des mots clefs et sensations que je désire retrouver davantage dans ma vie. Ces heures m'ont rappelé de beaux moments vécus commen enfant qui travaillait les liste de jouets voulus pendant les fêtes et anniversaires. Je vous encourage fortement de vous amusez avec ce petit projet qui vous donnera d'lespoir et une  joie de vivre!

Chantel xxx

What Client's Say


I started going to Pura Vida when I was experiencing anxiety from stress and having regular panic attacks. Having taken medication for anxiety in the past I wanted to explore other methods before having to take medication again. I had taken yoga classes at a local gym in the past and decided to give it another try. Since joining I've been attending classes regularly, I fell In love with hot yoga! my panic attacks and anxiety have subsided and when I have a stressful day at work I make it a point to attend a class, when I wake up feeling anxious I make it a priority to go in for a class and take care of myself. I love the sense of community at Pura Vida! Thank you so much to all the amazing teachers who are there for us every day guiding us through our practice as we all deal with our own struggles, such a therapeutic environment.