January 26th - 28th we are going to be set up at the beautiful Mill River Resort on the Island for our first Nordic Yoga Retreat! The cost is $160 plus tax… you are responsible for calling and booking your room with them. They are offering a lowered rate for us at $169 plus tax when you tell them you are booking with Pura Vida Yoga. We are able to make group reservations in the restaurant or you can make them on your own if you are travelling with someone. You are responsible for your meals.

Here is a sample schedule of the retreat below. You are welcome to book a spa appointment, xcountry ski, snow shoe at your leisure, etc.  They have beautiful grounds that surround the property to enjoy! 🎿 ❄️ 😌

Wednesday evening 8pm - relax and unwind yin and meditation 


7:30am- go with the flow morning yoga

11am- vinyasa & yin

3:30pm - gentle yoga

8pm - restorative yoga

Friday morning 7:30am - rise & shine yoga followed by a centring meditation

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your spot.


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What Client's Say

Melissa King

I’ve always been a sporadic yoga practicer - hardly the yogi I had pictured in my mind. I never fully committed, even though I knew in my heart of hearts that Yoga was my home; my safest of places. 2019 changed that. I broke. I went through a terrible break up, I lost a lot, I had been diagnosed with 2 auto immune diseases- all inflammation related, and I just broke. My mind, body, and soul were exhausted, stressed and very much out of alignment.

April 2019 I made a commitment to my highest self, the self who is authentically ME to dig deep and make a real change. I walked into Pura Vida with a false sense of self confidence and took a plunge. I still remember that first class, I have goosebumps now writing about it. Laura was the instructor and I was hidden in the back, unsure of anything. Laura walked in and welcomed the class, and I was INSTANTLY at ease. The class was nothing short of phenomenal, and fun fact - I cried in Shavasana because I knew I found home. Happy Tears!

Every class I gained more and more self confidence, my health issues began to disappear, my mind became calmer, my body was LOVING the detox, and so was my heart. I got to know the instructors more and more and loved them uniquely for what they offered to us, their kind souls emanating through each practice with SO MUCH LOVE! You can FEEL the energy in the room when you're on your mat- this yogi community is pure HEART!

I have been to numerous studios around NB, and while each have a very special vibe - Pura Vida is exactly that - PURE LIFE.

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We offer a diverse schedule of both heated and non-heated classes. 


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Karma Classes

Karma funds from our BIG Outdoor classes are going to local causes!  More info >