Why attend a yoga workshop?

You’ve seen the posters at the studio but never really thought about actually attending a workshop. Here are the reasons you want to attend;

1.    Alignment and technique. Often in yoga class, there isn’t time to explore alignment and technique for each posture. Alignment and posture are very important and learning the correct technique will help with feel the posture in a whole new way.

2.    Question and attention.  In class we often think of questions we want to ask at the end of the practice, but yoga brain takes over and we totally forget what we wanted to ask. Attending a workshop gives you the opportunity to stop and ask questions on the spot. Taking a time to work the posture in depth to be able to have a few Ah Ha Moments.

3.    Having fun and embracing your community. You might fall over and laugh a little and be able to officially meet your fellow yogis. Being able to share your practice with others and keep growing!

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1. associated with positive energy.
2. reduce depression and anxiety.
3. increase happiness.
4. enhances the beauty of any space.
5. do you really need a reason?

oh and tulips are the only flowers that still grow after they have been cut! they are a studio favourite. 
Costa Rica 2015 123

Looking forward to this 3rd year in business, I love to reflect on the beginning of it all. Coming up with a name, was one task that scared me. Thankfully Kathryn had already been thinking of a perfect name; “Pura Vida”. She did her best to explain the significance behind the words that she had discovered while travelling in Costa Rica. It was perfect! It seemed to embrace what we wanted to create for our space. A year later, while wanting to keep adding to our décor, we thought of adding the meaning on to our walls. I came across so many great interpretations of this saying, and loved the name even more, but it was truly when I saw, felt and lived what Pura Vida really stands for in Costa Rica. I was greeted with colors, sounds, smells and people so vibrant. The energy offered something that I hadn’t experienced before. Life is pure, and beautiful. The Ticos seem to embrace everything simple and grand, nature and joy. The driver that drove me for 7 hours to my second destination had this amazing energy and loved sharing all that he knew of his country and his traditions. The conversation went on about the simple things that they truly embraced; spending time with loved ones and spending time in nature. The passion of this conversation became one of the highlights of my trip. I can only hope that we can all add “Pura Vida” in your own lives and live them with the passion.

Chantel XXX

En début d’année, j’aime toujours prendre quelques minutes pour réfléchir sur le parcours fait au long de la dernière année.

Le fait de fêter notre 2ème anniversaires en affaire fut un grand moment. D’avoir également fait un voyage au Costa Rica afin de mieux comprendre le nom d'entreprise que Kathryn nous a proposé quand nous avons démarré la création de notre studio fut un autre bel accomplissement. Kathryn nous avait fait une bonne description de ce qu’elle avait vécu lors de son voyage et comment elle avoir toujours su, dans son coeur, que ce nom lui reviendrait un jour. Nous l’avons adoré dès que nous l’avons entendu; Pura Vida Yoga.

Un an après l’ouverture, je faisais une recherche plus approfondie afin d’incorporer cette définition au décor du studio et j'ai découvert de belles interprétations qui ont fait en sorte que j’aimais encore plus ce nom.

Mais ce fut lors de ce voyage magique au Costa Rica que j’ai réellement compris le sens du terme. Toutes ces choses simples et grandes à la fois: la nature, la joie de vivre, la famille, les amies, la nourriture et le beau temps bien sûr!

Pura Vida est partout et en discutant avec mon conducteur de taxi pendant mon transfert de 7 heures, j’en suis arrivée à vraiment apprécier le sens du terme à fond. Je suis reconnaissante que notre studio engendre ces mêmes énergies et je souhaite que vous puissiez trouver votre Pura Vida dans la vie de tous les jours!
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Travel alone and completely disconnect! There is an amazing opportunity for growth here. Being on your own fully increases your awareness of your surroundings and forces you to live in the present moment. For my first week, I was totally disconnected from all sources of distractions, no phone, no TV, no internet (except for that one message sent to say I was OK). Journaling and having amazing conversations with people around the world is what happened. I met 4 fabulous women that were all at different stages in life and travelling on their own. I got to listen and share amazing stories. We all have inspiring stories, and I thank Kerrie from Sydney, Nicola from London, DJ Dayna from Cincinnati and finally Lauren for opening themselves and showing how we are all vulnerable and yet so powerful. All on a journey to find something, some answers and some clarity. I truly admire anyone who takes time for themselves whether it is through an exotic travel or some much needed time alone at home. Focus on the simple things ... that next breath and listen to the silence within. I look forward in seeing how the lives of these 4 beautiful souls will transpire. Pura Vida!! Chantel xxx

Voyager toute seule! J’encourage tout le monde à faire ceci! Mon voyage était d’une durée de 2 semaines et pendant la première semaine, j’ai choisi de me libérer de toutes distractions quotidiennes, pas de téléphone, pas de télé, pas de journaux et pas d’internet. Cela m’a permis de rencontrer et partager avec 4 nouvelles personnes qui venaient de divers coins du monde. Chacune d’entre elle se retrouvait au Costa Rica pour divers raisons, mais la raison principale était de se donner du temps pour soi. Pas pour le travail, pour la famille ou les amis (s), mais pour retourner à la source et de prendre le temps de respirer! Leurs histoires et vécues furent parmi les plus beau moments de mon voyage donc un bon rappel de prendre le temps de passer du temps de qualité avec nos proches. En plus, chacune d’entre elles partageaient combien de temps s’était passé depuis leurs dernières « vraies vacances ». Donc je vous encourage de prendre le temps et de ne pas attendre que vous ayez le temps. Je suis tellement reconnaissante d’avoir eu la chance de rencontrer ces quatre grands cœurs et de voir ce que la vie va les apporter! Pura Vida! Chantel xxx
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Join us on a 30 day journey on October 13th. Set your own goal or intention and be motivated with our entire community at PVYD. Your VIBE attracts your TRIBE! 

What is included?

Inspired t-shirt or tank top.
30 days of motivation - track your progress at the studio!
PRIZES...we give out awesome prizes weekly!
A special wrap up class/celebration for challengers only. 

Challenge cost - $45 or $25 (no t-shirt/tank top) - assuming you have a studio pass
$130 for 1 month unlimited yoga + challenge

Sign up HERE

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Join us for our BIG outdoor class!
September 3rd 6:30-7:30
Tickets are $10 - available at PVYD
All levels & beginners welcome!

What Client's Say

Alexandra Ready

Thank you for the wonderful, enlightening workshop on Sunday. The most helpful part of the workshop was the information given on the new routine. I have implemented all aspects (rising with the sun, movement ,tongue scrapping, warm lemon water, largest meal mid day, oil massage, bed by 10pm) into my daily routine since Sunday, and I am already noticing a difference in how well I sleep, feeling more energetic and positive. Positivity is a daily struggle for me, and when I find things that help me move towards my goal of being a more positive happy person, I am over the moon, and I thank you for bringing this into my life! Especially as a mommy to be.

Again, thank you both for such an informative enlightening workshop. I hope you might hold something similar before baby arrives!

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