The winter months are a great time to declutter your living space.  Have you noticed when you cleanse your home, you cleanse your mind?  Less stuff to think about, less mess, and things to maintain. When we think about 'clutter' and how it appears in our life, what comes up for you? Mental clutter is something that we all experience. Noticing what takes your energy and distracts you can be a powerful tool, setting things 'aside' or letting them 'go' to conserve energy is what makes us feel light. Yoga invites us to concentrate on breath and movement, which often enables us to declutter and focus...Just another reason to LOVE your yoga practice!


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Combining acrobatics, yoga and therapeutics, AcroYoga connects people all over the world, improving communication, body awareness, mutual trust, and self-confidence in a safe and fun environment, all the while increasing strength, flexibility and fitness level in its practitioners. AcroYoga can make you feel light as a feather or rooted like a tree.
This practice is based on listening, trust and respect, and it is mainly about exploring and expanding your physical and psychological limits, overcoming fears when stepping out of your comfort zone and building trust and connection with other people.

You do not need a partner to join this class. People will be working together in groups.

January 26th 2-4pm / Investment $25 plus tax Sign up HERE

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stay healthy holidays

1. Get on your mat - keep a regular yoga practice!
2. Stay hydrated
3. Get outside daily - we are approaching the darkest day of the year, enjoy sunlight and all that winter has to offer!
4. Take advantage of the down time between Dec 25th and Jan 1st... use it as a time to recharge and reflect.
5. Take time to carve a vision for 2019!
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Come and celebrate 5 special years with us! Treats, giveaways, celebration sales and more!! We feel lucky to have had 5 incredible years with all of you and hope you can make it!
Rachel will be teaching a special class at 6:30pm on Dec 9th...sign up is required to reserve your spot. We will also have other classes throughout the day.

Venez fêter notre 5ième anniversaire dimanche prochain entre 13H00-15H00! Des ventes, des prix de présence, des petites gâteries ainsi qu’un tirage d’un beau panier aura lieu pendant ce temps! Au plaisirs de vous voir parmis nous!

Pura VIda!
Our 20 Day Challenge started this week (Nov 12th). You can sign up at the studio to track your classes, and follow along with our daily suggestions pictured below. We will update the board next week. This is the perfect way to enter into the holiday season! Passes for the challenge can also be purchased so that you have an unlimited pass. Our 1 month unlimited is 25% off until Friday. Use the promo code 25OFF. Purchase pass HERE

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Join Alisa for 45 MINUTES of VIN with two up-lifting oils. One offered in the beginning of practice (ORANGE) and one offered mid-way through (PEPPERMINT). Followed by 1 HOUR and 15 MINUTES of restorative yoga with two calming oils. One offered in the beginning of our restorative sequence (CHAMOMILE) and one offered in savasana at the very end of class (YLANG YLANG). A few drops of each oil will be offered in the palm of the participants hand. You may choose to skip a sent by turning palms down towards the earth when it is offered.

The best way to fill YOUR cup before the holiday season! Sign up HERE

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We can learn a lot from nature. It is most striking in the autumn season to see what happens to the trees. Trees in autumn don't hold onto their leaves because they might need them next year. We need to learn to let go of things that are preventing us from moving forward in our journey either on our mat or off our mats. Whether it be a posture that we resist or a challenge that arises in our lives, we need to release some apprehension to make way for opportunities. Getting uncomfortable is the only way for growth. So maybe you try a new class or workshop that is being offered in the next couple of weeks to see how it might contribute in living a more balanced life on and off your mat.
L’automne, la saison parfaite de pratiquer le lâcher prise.
Soyez inspiré du cycle des saisons et surtout de cette merveilleuse saison l’automne. Les feuilles tombent sans trop de résistance, chercher un peu dans vos vies afin de voir si vous pourriez également laisser tomber des éléments de vos vies. En lâchant certains craintes ou émotions vous allez permettre à faire place à du nouveau. Que ce soit des craintes face à certaines postures ou styles de yoga, des émotions ou de réalités lourdes de nos vies, on se doit de pratiquer le lâcher prise afin de continuer notre épanouissement. Après avoir laisser tomber quelques unes de “vos feuilles d’automne”, veuillez consulter les ateliers offerts ou essayer une nouvelle classe afin de faire place au nouveau!

View workshops HERE & SIGN UP
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Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer l’ajout de 3 nouvelles classes qui vont répondent à la demande grandissante d'une pratique plus douce. Le Yoga Restaurateur sera offert à tous les deux dimanches soirs dès le 14 octobre à 20h15 (max 15 participants), la classe Unwind and Restore est offerte les mercredi soirs à 19h00 et finalement le Hatha Yoga (en francais) sera bientôt offert par Anna Tremblay les mercredi matin à 10h00.  Apprendre à ralentir et suivre une pratique douce, cela est un défi en soi. Ces sessions permettent au système nerveux à se détendre et se ressourcer. Nous vous invitons égalment  à venir essayer nos classes existantes comme le Gentle, Unwind, Tradidionnal Yin et le Hot yin.

We are excited to offer 3 new classes to the schedule that answer to the growing demand of a more gentle practice. Our 1 hour Restorative will be offered every 2nd Sunday evening at 8:15. A new Unwind and Restore has been added on Wednesday nights at 7:00 and on the 17th of October Anna Tremblay will be leading a new Hatha Class in french at 10:00.  Learning to slow things down allows our nervous system to relax and restore and that can be very challenging.  So don’t forget to explore these new classes and our staple classes such as Hot Yin, Gentle, Traditional Yin  and Undwind.moveslowly.jpg

What Client's Say

Louise Poirier

I've been practicing yoga on and off for the past 15 years with an amazing instructor who closed shop in December. In January, I was given a one-month membership at PuraVida, and a true gift it has been. I had no expectations at the outset but was very pleasantly surprised to encounter welcoming, warm and very competent and respectful trainers who are both professional and friendly. The essence of the spirit of yoga can be found at this studio. The instructors I have met are encouraging and present challenges while still reminding students to move at one's pace, listening to one's body.

Le personnel du studio Pura Vida m'offre l'occasion de pratiquer le yoga dans une ambiance accueillante et paisible qui me permet d'améliorer ma santé physique ainsi que mon bien-être psychologique, mais ce qui importe le plus pour moi est la tranquillité d'esprit qui me reste en quittant les cours. Un véritable cadeau!
merci particulièrement à Melissa et Chantel:)

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We offer a diverse schedule of both heated and non-heated classes. 


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Karma funds from our BIG Outdoor classes are going to local causes!  More info >