Our Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) group was unable to meet for our last three sessions, so we moved to zoom and a few other ways to communicate and learn!
Amy Murphy had created some online content for the group to work with. Here is a full Flow class (Journey into Wheel) with some theory at the beginning (first 15 minutes), which you can take a listen to or skip through if you want. This yoga class will also give you a taste of what is offered in teacher training. Enjoy the details! 
ps. This class is challenging.

Melissa Fraser has been appearing weekly in our NEW online community page (Pura Vida Community Gathering) weekly to discuss some relevant wellness topics during COVID19. You can catch her LIVE on our page Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10am. Some of you may recognize her from early days at Pura VIda!

Here is one of her Gentle Yoga Flow classes she has shared with us, we will also be welcoming her for a LIVE class next week!

We have created a temporary space for us to share classes and positive content while our studio doors are closed. Our vision is to keep a strong connection with all of you, where we can strengthen our practice together and inspire each other to experience growth during these uncertain times. Together we are stronger to move through this as a community. Please join our Facebook group Pura Vida Community Gathering to access what we have been sharing...we can't wait to see you there!

Here is just one of the classes we have shared - thank you Jessica Wall! We also have LIVE classes that you can access anytime if you have missed them. Enjoy!

Qui aurait imaginé notre nouvelle réalité,  un arrêt imposé de notre routine quotidienne. Il n’y a pas si longtemps on aurait possiblement tous rêver à avoir une “vacance” au une “pause” de nos multiples engagements.  En ce 15ième jour de quarantaine, je réalise et apprécie comment mon cheminement personnel au travers du yoga m’aide à mieux vivre cette situation. Nos classes de yoga nous rappellent continuellement l’importance à revenir au moment présent, de pleinement apprécier chacune de nos respirations  et d’avoir confiance que le sol ou la terre sera toujours là pour nous appuyer. Lâcher prise et avoir confiance en ce qui sera!
Namaste Chantel

Now is the perfect time to introduce meditation into your life... The practice of meditation involves sitting comfortably, focusing on your breathing, and then bringing your mind’s attention to the present without drifting into concerns about the past or future. This has an incredibly calming effect on the 'mind body', and often eases anxiety and depression.
Find a quiet place in your home and create a place where you can take a seat on the floor or a cushion. Find your tall spine as you sit and rest your hands. Your mind may stray 100 times...keep choosing to come back and follow the breath. Can you integrate this practice into your day for the next 7 days?

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Learn and experience effective tools for reprogramming your response to stress, resetting your nervous system and nourishing body and mind to better handle life.Fpr more details on pricing and itinerary details click HERE.

Stressless Pura Vida March21
The beauty of yoga is that it can fit seamlessly into our day. Breath and movement does not have to be complicated. Yoga is meant to support us with all that we do, and is unique because it comes from the premise that what you are seeking is already within you. Choose a few minutes in meditation, a practice with your community (studio), or a few poses after a morning run. When we step onto our mats, there is no question we create a space for ourselves that doesn't seem to exist anywhere else. Make yoga a part of your everyday life in 2020! Enjoy the journey. xo K

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On Thursday, Nov 21st we will be having our very own night market! We have invited Jon Black to set up shop, alongside our very talented crew at Pura Vida... Laura, Ali and Shannon will also be selling their unique handmade gifts. Come and take a class and support our local vendors. We have added a special class that evening with Dane teaching! Please view our schedule and sign up for classes in advance, or pop in for some warm apple cider and browse! 

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Follow along with our 7 day meditation themes below (used for three weeks). Just add your your name on the board at the studio to join, set your goal for classes and track your daily practice. We are suggesting a mix of yin and yang (vinyasa, pura hot etc) classes! Your meditation can be done at home or in studio space before class. Our focus is total body health...mind, body and spirit! Namaste


What Client's Say

Alexandra Ready

Thank you for the wonderful, enlightening workshop on Sunday. The most helpful part of the workshop was the information given on the new routine. I have implemented all aspects (rising with the sun, movement ,tongue scrapping, warm lemon water, largest meal mid day, oil massage, bed by 10pm) into my daily routine since Sunday, and I am already noticing a difference in how well I sleep, feeling more energetic and positive. Positivity is a daily struggle for me, and when I find things that help me move towards my goal of being a more positive happy person, I am over the moon, and I thank you for bringing this into my life! Especially as a mommy to be.

Again, thank you both for such an informative enlightening workshop. I hope you might hold something similar before baby arrives!