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After having taught pre-choreographed yoga for a few years, I knew I needed and wanted to know a lot more about what is yoga, how to safely practice and also what is the purpose of the poses. When I saw Stephanie's training for yin yoga, I thought: why not? No need to travel far and be away from my family, it was right down the street. All I can say is I have NO regrets. This was a life changing experience. I learned all I wanted and so much more. Not only about yoga but about myself and the amazing group of people who shared the experience. It gave me a new insight on life, on how to deal, how to be present, how to be calm, how to be happy and how to be a better person. Stephanie is an amazing teacher and I will be forever grateful that her training was the one I chose.

- Monic LeClerc

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We are celebrating our 3rd birhtday! Classes will be FREE all day and we will be drawing for a few great prizes!!
Stop in for class or just to say hello... we will have some yummy teats and refreshments.

THANK YOU to everyone who makes time for this incredible practice. Pura VIda is truly a special place because of our community.
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December 3rd Jon Black will be setting up a small shop in our space to showcase his incredible pieces. Wall art, cutting boards and more! Come for a class and pick up something unique and handmade. Support our local businesses this holiday season!
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We are thrilled to have Adam teach here ar Pura, Nov 4th - Nov 8th!

Adam started his yoga journey at Moksha Yoga Fredericton in 2012. He quickly fell in love with the studio community and series. In 2015 he completed both his Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation and his Moksha Yoga Teacher Training.

Since then, he has been teaching full time at MYF, completed his Moksha Flow Teacher Training, and continues to share his passion for wildlife and the Moksha series. Adam loves coffee, travel, and drag! He is eager to connect and learn from new teachers in diverse communities, and to continue developing his drag persona Freeda Whales.
Ce 2 novembre nous vous encourageons de participer au défi 21 jours afin de retrouver une paix intérieur! C’est quoi un défi 21 jours? Pendant la durée du défi, se donner un minimum de 8 minutes par jour afin d’être en silence! Lorsque vous participez au studio, une affiche est placée au studio avec tous nos participants qui peut possiblement aider à demeurer fidèle au rendez vous. Cela nous fait rire de voir combien d’entre nous adore ajouter un petit collant à côté notre nom… ha ha!  Il y aura également des prix qui seront tirés tout au long du défi! On dit que cela prend 21 jours avant d’adopter une nouvelle habitude de vie. Quel beau défi! Toutes nos classes offrirons un minimum de 8 minutes (5 minutes pour les classes de 45 minutes) pour le savasana. Posture qui offre tellement de bénéfices dont e calme mental et la relâche du stress, la diminution des maux de têtes, la diminution de la pression artérielle, pour en nommer que quelques uns. A l’intérieur de ces 21 jours, autres petits défis seront proposés comme celui de prendre conscience de notre consommation du plastique , de prendre note de notre gratitude et quelques autres.. Voici une excellent occasion de retourner au calme!

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21 days of savasana...every one of our classes will have an 8 min savasana for the duration of the challenge. If you are away, no problem! Take your savasana with you on the road. You can do this pose anywhere!

21 days of mindfulness...getting as close to the source as you can, eat locally, buy locally. Our focus for this challenge will be the use and purchase of plastic...do your best to avoid and reuse! This will be a huge eye opener for most of us.

21 days of gratitude...post, share or better yet tell someone in person what you are grateful for!

Our challenge party wrap up class will be a 75 min practice with LIVE music and an EXTRA long savasana with assists! Guided by Kathryn & Rachel Nov 24th 7pm

This challenge is about slowing it down, tuning in and exploring what is already there...let’s see where this takes us just before the holidays! #peacelieswithin

Cost is $15 with a pass
Give always are always part of our studio challenge! Stay tuned.

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On pourrait croire qu’une instructrice de yoga se retrouverait sur son tapis au studio comme étudiante quotidiennement… Je suis la première à comprendre que ce n’est pas toujours possible et qu'il faut se donner un peu de marge de manoeuvre dans la vie… mais quand l'excuse devient la norme, il est temps de faire quelque chose!

Donc voici quelques suggestions qui m’aident chaque fois que je semble m’éloigner de toutes routines que je veux conserver parce qu'elles sont bonnes pour moi;

  1. Trouver la “raison” de vouloir retourner à sa pratique, son intention et son inspiration.

  2. Laisser tomber les histoires et excuses; le passé est le passé. Vivre le moment présent!

  3. Relâcher la culpabilité et se rappeler que son bien-être EST une priorité.

  4. S’organiser et s’inscrire à l’avance dans les classes auxquels on veut assister. Avoir le tapis, les vêtements et la bouteille d’eau fin prêts afin de s’assurer de se rendre au studio sans difficulté et surtout, sans excuse.

Si cela ne suffit pas pour vous inspirer, je recommande la lecture “You are a Badass” de Jen Sincero. Cette lecture m’a procurée de superbes suggestions pour vivre une vie encore plus géniale que l’on peut imaginer!

Pura Vida,
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Take advantage of our intro month pricing again! Bring in a friend during the month of July who purchases an intro month
and you get to purchase a month pass for the same price. We can adjust any pass you have or place your class card pass
on hold. You can decide when you want to use it!

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I started going to Pura Vida when I was experiencing anxiety from stress and having regular panic attacks. Having taken medication for anxiety in the past I wanted to explore other methods before having to take medication again. I had taken yoga classes at a local gym in the past and decided to give it another try. Since joining I've been attending classes regularly, I fell In love with hot yoga! my panic attacks and anxiety have subsided and when I have a stressful day at work I make it a point to attend a class, when I wake up feeling anxious I make it a priority to go in for a class and take care of myself. I love the sense of community at Pura Vida! Thank you so much to all the amazing teachers who are there for us every day guiding us through our practice as we all deal with our own struggles, such a therapeutic environment.

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