Start your day of on the right path with an early morning yoga class and a nourishing breakfast bowl that you can personalize to your taste! Try changing the grain, the spices, and the toppings!

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Spirit shows up in our lives in many ways. Just as unique as we are physically from one another and how different our interests and hobbies are made manifest, spirit shows up with as much diversity from person to person. Some people feel the most connected when they are out for a run, another feel's most alive while in a meditative state, others feel tuned into spirit by visiting a holy place, while someone else feels most grounded by a walk in nature. All of these can be examples of how we connect with spirit within us and with the spiritual world around us. In my opinion none of these pursuits are more noble than another, they simply are.

I'm so excited to be teaching a 90 minute class at PVYD!

"Those who dare to teach, must never cease to learn"

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During the ten days of training I was completely captivated by the human body. I had taken anatomy classes and learned some while doing my first 200hour training but during these ten days I learned so much more! I never had an interest to learn about the body as much as I do now.

What Client's Say

Dr Nicole Basque ND, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

I have been practicing different forms of yoga for over 10 years and am truly inspired by the magnitude of how it has transformed my life. My hot yoga practice keeps me physically and mentally fit, spiritually grounded and has taught me more about myself than any other form of physical activity. I am now a practicing Naturopathic Doctor and understand the health benefits of hot yoga, and recommend it highly to my patients. What PuraVida offers is more than just a space to get fit, it is a welcoming community of people who care about your well-being and guide you towards deepening your practice, on and off the mat. Moncton is lucky to have such a great place!

 Dr Nicole Basque ND

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

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Karma funds from our BIG Outdoor classes are going to local causes!  More info >