The beauty of yoga is that it can fit seamlessly into our day. Breath and movement does not have to be complicated. Yoga is meant to support us with all that we do, and is unique because it comes from the premise that what you are seeking is already within you. Choose a few minutes in meditation, a practice with your community (studio), or a few poses after a morning run. When we step onto our mats, there is no question we create a space for ourselves that doesn't seem to exist anywhere else. Make yoga a part of your everyday life in 2020! Enjoy the journey. xo K

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On Thursday, Nov 21st we will be having our very own night market! We have invited Jon Black to set up shop, alongside our very talented crew at Pura Vida... Laura, Ali and Shannon will also be selling their unique handmade gifts. Come and take a class and support our local vendors. We have added a special class that evening with Dane teaching! Please view our schedule and sign up for classes in advance, or pop in for some warm apple cider and browse! 

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Follow along with our 7 day meditation themes below (used for three weeks). Just add your your name on the board at the studio to join, set your goal for classes and track your daily practice. We are suggesting a mix of yin and yang (vinyasa, pura hot etc) classes! Your meditation can be done at home or in studio space before class. Our focus is total body health...mind, body and spirit! Namaste

Sign up for the flow + resto class HERE is limited for the class to 30 people.
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Infuse your yoga practice with energy, stability, and balance by combining asana with high-intensity interval training. ... pairing high-intensity interval training (HIIT)— intense bursts of movement like squat jumps with short periods of rest—with yoga, the benefits can be profound!

We are starting with a few pop-up classes druring the month of October and we expect to have this class on the schedule in November. Come and give it a try... October 12th, 19th & 26th. Class will be held in the heated studio with lowered heat. Do expect to SWEAT!

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Honey Tobacco Roll On with a crystal roller ball. The crystals are beautiful and become reminders of compassion, intuition, love, creativity, healing, empowerment, or relaxation. These were made for the modern mystics.

1.7oz / 10ml

Ingredients: coconut oil, Honey Tobacco fragrance*, crystal rollerball

*Custom fragrance blend by Picot Collective. Vegan, phthalate free, nitro musk free, Prop 65 compliant.

Crystal rollers we carry in our boutique...

Rose Quartz: love, ease & healing
Orange Calcite: creativity, positivity, and letting go of anything that doesn't support that
Lapis Lazuli: build self-awareness and connect to your spirituality

Coming soon.. Clear Quartz: harmony, energy, healing & clarity

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Do you practice twice a week or more? Make a commitment to yourSELF. All regular scheduled classes are included in your unlimited membership. Receive 10% off in our boutique and all in house workshops. Only $95 per month... if you come 4 times a week, this works out to $5.93/class! 

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La perte d’un âme chère est ma nouvelle réalité depuis quelques jours. Notre grande communauté du bien-être est sous le choc de la mort tragique de notre belle Rose-Marie. Depuis la conception et l’ouverture de notre édifice sur la rue Gauvin, Rose-Marie Saulnier a été une de nos locataires. Son sourire, sa bonne humeur et son amour inconditionnel nous crée un grand vide. Elle était et sera toujours une âme remplie d’amour et de joie de vivre. Cette perte m’ébranle toujours et je me vois retourné sur mon tapis de plus en plus pendant ces moments difficiles. C’est le rappel constant de la beauté du yoga est comment celle-ci nous ramène au moment présent. Pour une heure ou plus, le rythme de mes respirations et mouvements allègent ma peine et douleur et nourrissent mon corps, ce qui me permet à retourner à la source.. Que ce soit un deuil, une séparation, un nouveau début remplie d’incertitudes, le yoga aide à mieux vivre ces transitions et pour cela je suis rempli de gratitude d’avoir découvert cette ancienne pratique. Namaste Chantel xxx

Yoga through difficult transitions.

Our Wellness Community has lost a pioneer in our industry over the weekend. Rose-Marie Saulnier has been one of our first tenants in our building on Gauvin Road when Sequoia was opened and has always believed in offering alternative ways to deal with health issues. Her bright smile, big hugs and unconditional love will be missed by many and as I grieve this huge loss, I find myself on my mat more often than before. My yoga practice grounds me back to the 'Now', the only moment that matters and helps me to be grateful for each breath my body takes in. Whether it be grieving the loss of life, the fear of a reality or any other life situation yoga always makes things a little easier a little lighter, and for that I am forever grateful..

Namaste, Chantel xxx

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Dr Nicole Basque ND, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

I have been practicing different forms of yoga for over 10 years and am truly inspired by the magnitude of how it has transformed my life. My hot yoga practice keeps me physically and mentally fit, spiritually grounded and has taught me more about myself than any other form of physical activity. I am now a practicing Naturopathic Doctor and understand the health benefits of hot yoga, and recommend it highly to my patients. What PuraVida offers is more than just a space to get fit, it is a welcoming community of people who care about your well-being and guide you towards deepening your practice, on and off the mat. Moncton is lucky to have such a great place!

 Dr Nicole Basque ND

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

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