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Ce que nos clients disent

Alexandra Ready

Thank you for the wonderful, enlightening workshop on Sunday. The most helpful part of the workshop was the information given on the new routine. I have implemented all aspects (rising with the sun, movement ,tongue scrapping, warm lemon water, largest meal mid day, oil massage, bed by 10pm) into my daily routine since Sunday, and I am already noticing a difference in how well I sleep, feeling more energetic and positive. Positivity is a daily struggle for me, and when I find things that help me move towards my goal of being a more positive happy person, I am over the moon, and I thank you for bringing this into my life! Especially as a mommy to be.

Again, thank you both for such an informative enlightening workshop. I hope you might hold something similar before baby arrives!

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Les fonds Karma ramassés cet été seront donnés à des oeuvres de bienfaisance locales.
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